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Nice of you that you're surfing my page!!


My name is Martijn, I'm 33 years young and living in the Netherlands (The Hague to be precisely)


This website is mainly for all my friends, family, vague acquaintances and all others from a curious nature for my pictures and stories (if any). Either for just having a peak, downloading or adding something yourself .


Photography is becoming more and more a passion for me, so I recently decided to start sharing my pictures with a wider community. This is not a daily photoblog, I definitely cannot afford that time and it would spoil my pleasure in it as well. It is just a hobby that allows me to escape from my main job.


If you have any ideas, feedback, suggestions or constructive critisism for my site, please donot hesitate to let me know. But as long as it has a certain level of relevancy off course ;-). I'm not too sensitive and have still too much to learn.


Thanks for visiting and your comments.









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